Cris Man

waiting-dm300.jpgContemporary Realist Artist
With a Fascination for Fabrics

by Crisman

     I was born in the Southwestern part of the United States in 1957. I had a ten year career in the banking industry followed by an eight year career as a Registered Nurse. In 2008 I returned to school and in 2012 I graduated magna cum laude from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with a studio art degree in painting. Through learning the classical techniques of the Old Masters, I speak the same language of the realistic rendering of textiles in paintings that emerged during the Renaissance.

     My representational realist still life and figurative oil paintings focus on the sublime qualities of fabric, drapery and textiles. Humankind has been swathed in textiles since he/she became self-aware. As a result, a knowledge of fabrics is embedded in our DNA and we have a very personal visceral relationship with them. It is that love and spiritual connection to fabrics that is the driving force behind my paintings.
     To create a painting, I first must create a three dimensional sculpture of fabric and work directly from life, not photographs. I invite my audience to have an active role in the interpretation of my paintings through the works titles and compositions of the images, which encourages viewers to use their imaginations. By taking the images to the visual edge of each canvas, my compositions bridge the gap between modern contemporary art and the rich history of fabrics in classical representational art throughout art history.