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Dawn Swepston Fine Art

sm-dawnpicwild-105.jpgDawn Swepston Fine Art

Contemporary Western Art     

I approach Western themes with dramatic contrast and color to engage contemporary generations in thought about challenges faced in modern Western culture. While visually pleasing, the underlying themes address conflicts of modern society and traditional Western values.
     My subject matter — like wide open spaces intersected by barbed wire — points to the decreased availability of, and access to, natural resources. Rarified blue skies, pristine natural landscapes, and dazzling starry nights are remote to city dwellers complacent with pollution.
     Cowgirl boots and a playful flash of skin, while superficially sensuous, question issues of racial identity, immigration, women's roles and changing family structures. I am intrigued by the impact of physical, political and psychological borders on individuals and society.
     My work plays on the concept that people perceive the world filtered through a human-centric psyche. Often unconsciously, we ascribe personality and disposition to animals, faceless figures, inanimate objects, and even color schemes. Fascination with the brain’s tendency to anthropomorphize emerged from my graduate psychology work.
     I work from both staged and impromptu original photographs which I digitally manipulate for use as drawing and painting references. I convert all of my reference materials to black and white to avoid the distraction of local color, allowing me the freedom to use color as an abstractive tool.

Professional Memberships: Oil Painters of America
                                            Women Artists of the West
                                            Visual Art Society of Texas

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